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Email Marketing is our preferred way of marketing for our clients on a budget. Please note that depending on your scenario Email Marketing might not be the most effective way for you to do marketing. This is specially true if you dont have an existing subscriber base. In this scenario we can help you come up with strategies where you can work into building your interested subscriber base

Email is the cheapest channel to do marketing. Out of the 30 odd channels of marketing Email still gives you the highest ROI.


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dzineMail - DIY Email marketing Platform

dzineMail Email Marketing Platoform AustraliadzineMail makes it easy for non tech savvy marketers to push out their email newsletters to their subscriber base professionally, efficiently and quickly. Here are the features of the dzineMail platform:



diy email marketingdzineMail email marketing feature

1. Create and send email newsletters

  • Create Professional looking emails quickly
  • use full WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get functionality) to create your emails
  • Send out emails with a touch
  • test emails to your internal team



email marketing subscriber managementdzineMail email marketing feature

2. Automatically Manage Email Subscriber lists

  • You dont have to worry about bounces
  • You dont have to worry about unsubscribes
  • View on an individual level what your subscribers have done with your emails
  • Create multiple lists of subscribers and segment them based on demographics or behavior


email marketing - automaic subscriber management





email marketing sydneydzineMail email marketing feature

3. Test email in multiple email clients and browsers

  • Make sure your email looks exactly how you want it to look
  • Test your email in Outlook 2007, Outlook 2010, Hotmail, Gmail, Lotus notes before sending
  • Have the peace of mind that it is not going to not look good

email marketing - test email in multiple browsers and email clients




email marketing melbournedzineMail email marketing feature

4. Setup Date and Event Triggers

  • Send Birthday emails
  • When users subscribe to your newsletter, automatically send them a welcome email and a introduction to your company email after 2 weeks
  • Send automatic reminders on dates
  • Create training programs

event triggered emails




email marketing australiadzineMail email marketing feature

4. Email Marketing Reporting and Analytics

  • Connect your email marketing reports to Google Analytics
  • Access reports on the iphone
  • Get detailed reports on email activities

email marketing - analytics and reports







SEM - Search Engine Marketing Solutions


SEM - Search Engine Marketing Solution number 1Email Marketing Analysis

Is your email marketing working as you want it to. Are your open rates as good as the industry average. Do they work in all major platforms. Are you paying too much for your emails. We can analyse all of this for you for free and give you advice on how you can fix all of these issues.



SEM - Search Engine Marketing Solution number 1DIY Email Marketing

We can put an email strategy in place for you and set up your template so that you can make changes to it yourself and send out email campaigns to your subscribers. This is more appropriate for companies who have already used email marketing in one way or another or has a semi-technical resource in hand who are willing to learn the ropes.



SEM - Search Engine Marketing Solution number 1Managed Email Marketing

Our qualified team of email-marketers can set up your campaigns and send it out for you while you relax in your office and look at reports of how well the campaign has worked. This is more appropriate for companies who have never done email marketing before and want to get a feel for it. Also suitable if you have a big subscriber base and want to strategically focus on improving Return on Investment from Email Marketing.


SEO - Search Engine Marketing Solution number 2Email Template Design

Does your email work across all the major email platforms and does it look aesthetically pleasing. We can build a template for you which carries your company's branding and works across all major email clients and plugs into the Email Platform that you are using.



SEO - Search Engine Optimisation Resources

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